Pull Recoil Retractable Holding Key Chain Ring

Pull Recoil Retractable Holding Key Chain Ring

Retractable Anti Wire Rope Pen Holder Key Ring Reel Buckle With Clip Tools Metal Trader 65Cm Pull Recoil Retractable Holding Key Chain Ring

Retractable Pull Pen and Key Holder
Retractable Pull Pen and Key Holder

Product Details

Widely Applicable
The retractable pen holder is designed to fit a wider range of pens than traditional silicone pen holders. The retractable pencil holder is suitable for mechanical pencils, pens and ballpoint pens, thick pens, markers and the largest pens. The lanyard pen holder is easy to carry and use and the key ring at the bottom can hold 8-10 keys.

Easy To Carry
Each carpenter pencil holder is secured with a screw at the back, no need to worry about it falling off. Attach the pen holder's metal clip to your collar, backpack, pocket, belt loop or wherever you like, and then insert a marker, pen or pencil into the flexible spring pen holder.

Automatic Retractable
As you release the pen barrel, the tension of this construction pencil holder will snap the barrel back into place, so you'll never lose your pen again. The pen lanyard holder is perfect for professionals that need to have a pen with them at all times, especially carpenters, construction workers, surveyors, nurses, waiters, maintenance workers, office workers, security workers, government workers , for teachers, etc.

Heavy Duty Retractable Pen Holder
2 The metal pen holder clip is made of high quality material, which is stronger and more wear-resistant than ordinary plastic products, and the surface has metallic luster, which makes it more beautiful.

Strong Steel Cord
A strong pen cord easily extends up to 27.5 inches, this retractable pen holder lets you never lose your pen again. It can withstand more than 100,000 pulls, and the coating on the surface of the cord prevents scratching or damage, more suitable for long, daily writing use than other products.

Product Features

Special Design
The retractable pen holder comes with two types of pen pencil holder: silicone pen holder and metal spring pen clip, which are more practical and solve different needs. Fits most types and sizes of writing instruments - suitable not only for mechanical pencils, fountain pens and ballpoint pens, but also for thick pens, markers and the largest pens.

35.43" Steel Wire
The retractable pen holder lanyard is made of high-quality steel wire and can extend up to 35.43 inches/90 cm, which is durable and long enough to provide ample access.

Easy To Use
The rear clip of the retractable pen reel is secured with screws, so no need to worry about it falling off; Easily clip to your belt, pocket, purse strap, backpack, or wherever you want.

Package Content

  • 2pcs Retractable Pull Pen Pencil Holder
  • Colour - Silver
  • Material - alloy
  • Size - Keychain: 7 x 4 x 1.9cm/2.76 x 1.57 x 0.75inch, Pen plug: 4 x 1.1 x 1.7cm/1.57 x 0.43 x 0.67inch

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