Reusable Ziplock Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bags for Clothes

Reusable Ziplock Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bags for Clothes

Compression Storage Space Bags For Travel,For Clothes, Bedding, Pillows, Vacuum Sealer Bags For Clothes Storage,Vaccine Sealed Airtight Reusable With Travelling Hand Pump

Space Saving Vaccum Storage Bags

Space Saving Vaccum Storage Bags
Space Saving Vaccum Storage Bags

Product Details

The Package Includes 6X Types of Size Vacuum Storage Bags For All Size Items
Store your clothes, comforters, blankets, pillows, quilts or duvets, towels, blankets, fleece and more, like a PRO! This convenient, smart and effective storage solution is bound to save up to 80% space, creating more space in your life. And don't worry, the items will retain their shape when pulled out.

No Leakage With These Airtight Reusable Vacuum Storage Compression Bags
These compression storage bags suck in all the air and keep it out. No gradual leaking, sealing or re-bloating. You can rest assured that these bag storage units will keep your belongings clean, compact and safe. Also use these bags with your home vacuum cleaner

Includes Travel Pump
Bonus for all travelers and backpackers. So, if you're traveling and want to travel light, these vacuum storage Ziploc bags will help you save most of your luggage space with other things you can pack. Keep all your clothes, pillows, blankets, comforters, quilts, duvets safe for as long as you want without worrying about any smell or odor.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
We've worked hard to design one of the best vacuum storage Ziploc reusable variety compression bags you can buy with the highest level of quality and functionality, if no smart saver space bag (ever) bears its stamp. So we'll send you the replacement free of charge, no questions asked.

Our vacuum storage bags are essential for both home space saving and travel organization. Works as a storage bag for clothes and a compression bag for travel.

Durable Protection
With a triple-seal turbo valve and double-zip seal design, our vacuum bags expel air in the suction process. Can be used repeatedly.

Includes Hand Pump For Easy Use
Works with standard vacuum cleaners. Simply put the items in our storage vacuum bag, seal the zipper, expel the air, and close the lid. You can also use the included pump for easy vacuum storage of your items.

Product Features

Double Zipper Seal
This vacuum bags are made of premium quality PA+PE and double zipper seal. Vacuum bags can be reused many times.

Triple Seal Turbo Valve
This vaccum bags triple-seal turbo valve ensures that the space bag is airtight and protects your belongings for a lasting period.

Strong Hand Pump
Sturdy hand pump is included with this Vaccum Space Saving Bags.

How To Use

  • Put the items inside our vacuum storage bag
  • Zip along the dual-zip 2-3 times and ensure the zipper is fully sealed
  • Suck all the air out by vacuum cleaner/hand pump included.
  • Close and secure the valve cap.

What is in the box?

  • 5 Jumbo: 39.35” X 27.5”(100cm X 70cm);
  • 5 Large: 33.5” X 21.65”(85cm X 55cm);
  • 5 Medium: 27.5”X 19.5”(70cm X 50cm);
  • 5 Small: 23.5”X 15.7” (60cm X 40cm);
  • 5 Travel Roll Up: 23.5”X 15.7” (60cm X 40cm)
  • 1 Travel Hand Pump

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