Portable Handy Washing Machine

Portable Handy Washing Machine

Portable Washing Machine Small Mini Hand Compact Semi Automatic Washer Laundry Perfect for Home Apartment Dorm RV Camping Travel Outdoor and Business Trip

Handy Washing Machine


This small movable washing machine has to be veritably different from other regular washing machines. Whatever, we need to put it into our trip bag on our trip road, So mini body, small hand- held, light and accessible are our washing machine's main features. 
generally there aren't enough spaces to live when we're out. perhaps we always want to put our washing machine into a laundry handbasket of scholars' dormitory, press in our small apartment or other accessible hospices, We are also happy to move it during our caravan camping or life on board. it's really easy. 
Croakers told us all children's clothes need to be washed independently, people's undergarments and underpants also should be washed alone. Rags or tablecloths, indeed our dirty shirts, films and summer clothes, we've to wash them alone. So our small movable washing machine will be your stylish choice. 
Besides, we must make sure this washer should be safe, effective and energy effective. Of course, you also don't worry about the operation system, it's as easy as a salad incentive to operate. 
  •  Top Panel Pay attention to the MAX scale. 
  •  Pulsator Turning clockwise direction. 
  •  Bottom Panel The motor is outside. 
  •  Power Cable 60 elevation long. 
  •  Switch Button defended by the silica gel. 
  •  Bracket Roller Fix to the washing machine. 
  •  Stent Fixed to the pail. 
  •  Timer The limit is 15 twinkles. 
  • Fix this movable washing machine on an ordinary pail. 
  • Put clothes, water and laundry soap into the pail. 
  • Soaking clothes for 10- 15 twinkles. 
  • Keep the water below the MAX scale on the washer, also clothes can not be further than2/3 of the pail. 
  • Acclimate the timekeeper from 1 min to 15 mins for washing according to your requirements. 
  • Take out the clothes, eventually twist them dry. 
  • Brand Kofohon 
  • Model KW- 01AC 
  • Voltage AC110V- 60Hz 
  • Rated Power 150W 
  • Wash Capacity3.0 kgs(6.60 lbs, about 5 to 8 pieces summer clothes) 
  • Size 17 X 6 X 7inches( 443 * 164 * 176 cm) 
  • Machine Weight2.50 kgs(5.50 lbs) 

Question - How numerous clothes can this small washing machine marshland at a time? 
Answer - 5- 8 pieces of adult shirts. 
Question - Can we clean the nethermost panel with water? 
Answer - No, the motor is in the bottompanel.However, please drop it with a wet kerchief precisely, If you want to clean it. 
Question - How important water does this mini washing machine need to wash? and how long does this featherlight washing machine work at a time? 
Answer - Just below the Max scale on the washer. Also 15 mins uninterruptedly, also stop for 5 mins. 
Question - The space in our caravan is limited when we travel, so anyone can tell us what the size of this movable washing machine is? 
Answer - I'm also a rubberneck, I can always stuff it into my 50 cm long trip pack. 
Question - Can we use this mini washer to clean my nylon surcoat? And what kind of pail for this handy washing machine? 
Answer - No, It’s more suitable for our spring, summer and afterlife featherlight clothes. A normal pail is ok, and the material is unrestricted. 
Handy Washing Machine
Handy Washing Machine
Handy Washing Machine

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