Over The Sink Food Strainer for Kitchen Waste

Over The Sink Food Strainer for Kitchen Waste

Multifunction Saddle-Shaped Mesh Strainer, Corner Food Strainer Over The Sink for Kitchen Waste

Kitchen Sink Waste Filter Basket

Product Details

Thick PP material, punch-free, firmly stuck, and safe to use. A multifunctional sink food strainer basket for fruits and vegetables.

The triangle shelf sink dish inside the kitchen allows water to drain and the hole size is uniform, ventilation, breathable, draining, drying sponges and scrubbers.

Makes full use of sink or wall space, saving more space for your kitchen. The drain shelf can be hung in the sink's corner strainer basket to facilitate the placement of dishwashing sponges, cleaning balls, soap, etc.

A sink drain strainer with a strong suction cup and adhesive stickers, easy to stick to a smooth surface without leaving any marks. Smoothly placed, anti-skid, easy to install, disassemble and have strong load-bearing capacity.

Sink corner basket as a kitchen and bathroom accessory, perfect for storing food and sponges, scrubbers, scouring pads and helps to save space and keep clean.
Kitchen Sink Waste Filter Basket
Kitchen Sink Waste Filter Basket
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