Plastic Bottle Cap for Pour

Plastic Bottle Cap for Pour

Plastic Bottle Cap for Pour Oil Bottle Dispenser with Leakproof Nozzle for Olive Oil, Wine, Vinegar and Soy Sauce

Plastic Bottle Cap for Pour

Product Details

Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser Set 4 Pack Comes with High Quality Pots.

There are 4 soft rubber sealing valves on the oil filler stopper. Can fit a 15mm to 19mm bottle opener.

The pourer spout has an airway tube in the stopper, allowing air to flow into the bottle when you pour the liquid out to prevent liquid splash due to poor airflow. At the mouth of the funnel there is an airway, it is easy to pour liquid into the bottle.

All products are made of odorless food grade materials, BPA free, food safe. This bottle dispenser can be used for oil, olive oil, vinegar, wine, salad or other liquids.

We provide more than 3 months quality warranty. If your pout set was broken or you have a fault, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team, they will be happy to serve you.

  • Droposale Olive Oil Clear Dispenser Free-Flow Bottle Pourer Dispenser Spout
  • Keep oil and vinegar on hand for easy access.
  • Most classical bottle are available, most of olive oil, vinegar bottle, red wine classical bottle.
  • Designed with drip-free spout, our dispensers ensure mess-free pouring without spilling, sloping or leaking.
  • Pack of 1 Glass Bottle with 1 Dispenser is Total Free.
Plastic Bottle Cap for Pour
Plastic Bottle Cap for Pour
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