Flexible Bending Tube Aerator Faucet for Tap

Flexible Bending Tube Aerator Faucet for Tap

360° Free Bending Faucet Lengthening Extender with Leak-Proof Gasket and Threaded Connector For Faucet Hose

Faucet Extenders Tubes

Product Details

Our nose extension tube is made of high quality brass connector and food grade silicone long tube, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, durable, you can trust to use.

We will also equip 2 adapters, if your nozzle is an external thread, you can use the adapter to connect, which effectively solves the problem that the extension tube and nozzle are not applicable, you can buy with confidence be.

You can rotate or adjust the nozzle extension tube to any direction or angle you want with any twist, which is convenient for you to clean dishes and vegetables etc. in the sink and basin. Wide range of applications, can be used in bathrooms. , kitchen, balcony, outdoor patio, etc.

Our nozzle extender is designed with a filter bubbler, which can restrict water flow without reducing water pressure to save water and avoid splashing.

You can try to use a straight hose first, take off the nose piece align the interface and tighten it. 
If you cannot use a direct connector, screw our connector nut to the hose and then insert the leak-proof washer into the aligned faucet and tighten it.
Faucet Extenders Tubes
Faucet Extenders Tubes
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