Water Can and Bottle Cleaning Brush

Water Can and Bottle Cleaning Brush

Long Water Can and Bottle Cleaning Brush for Upto 20 Liters

Water Can Cleaning Brush

Product Details

Removable design, convenient storage when not in use, L-shaped bend allows you to scrub the dead spots of the bottle and keep it clean, completely removes dirt and sediment and residue Cleans 360 degrees without leaving a mark, it is a good helper for your cleaning.

The diameter of the bottle mouth is more than 4.5cm/1.77 inches, please confirm the diameter of your bottle mouth carefully before purchasing.

PP stainless steel and nylon, non-slip handle, the use of stainless steel metal material can prolong your use time and let you save your wallet.

5 gallon large bottle brush with scratch resistant nylon brush head for thorough cleaning of large bottles, 24 inches long, large bottle brush for household cleaning 5 gallon buckets, easy to clean sediment on the bottom of glass.

Brush heads allow for gentle cleaning and serious scrubbing. The firm bristles thoroughly clean the bottom of your bottles, while the soft side bristles clean the walls without scratching.
Water Can Cleaning Brush
Water Can Cleaning Brush
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