Adhesive Heel Grips Cushion Inserts for Loose Shoes

Adhesive Heel Grips Cushion Inserts for Loose Shoes

Self-Adhesive Heel Grips Liner Cushion Inserts for Loose Shoes, Shoe Bite Protector Heel Pads Snugs for Shoe Insoles

Cushion Inserts for Loose Shoes


The Doctor Prepared The Heel Pads
Ballot high heel inserts for women and men feature hit-and-absorb foot technology that reduces shock and impact as well as prevents your feet from slipping while walking. Perfect as heel protector gel shoe inserts for women's heels

Anatomic Design
Our Gel Heel Pads, insoles for high heels, have T-shaped shoe filler heel grips that hug the contour of the heel, making them feel light on the feet. Add more volume to your shoes with our inserts for extra large shoes!

Reusable And Durable
These heel protector foot pads for heels are reusable and easy to clean! Our stylish high heel cushion inserts make women feel invisible. Fabric (Nude, Black) and gel heel inserts for loose shoes for women

Available In 4 Variants
Our premium heel grips for women's shoes are available in 4-pack anti-odor, 8-pack silicone, 8-pack and 10-pack (mixed colors). Ballot's High Heel Pads Heel Cushion Heel Grips are designed to fit both men's and women's feet!

For Everyday Shoes
Simply remove the sticky backing and insert our shoe heel inserts for a tight fit and comfortable feel on the go! With ballot blister prevention for heel pads, make every step pain-free so you can live life to the fullest.


  • This is helpful for both - Men And Women.
  • Suitable for all types of shoes.
  • These comfortable gel Cups massages the heel and provide superior shock absorption relief.
  • Perfect for all ages and both men and women improve step balance and foot strength anti-skidding, shock-absorbing and depressurizing reduce the damage to the foot due to vibration relief pressure and pain from shoes.
  • Manufactured from high quality Silicon material.
  • These silicon heel cups are Suitable for leather shoes and sports shoes.
  • It can be easily washed by hand with a mild detergent when necessary.
  • Before placing it in your shoe ensure there is adequate space in your footwear to accommodate the insole.
Cushion Inserts for Loose Shoes
Cushion Inserts for Loose Shoes
Cushion Inserts for Loose Shoes

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