Waterproof and Oil-proof Fabric Smart TV Cover

Waterproof and Oil-proof Fabric Smart TV Cover

43 inches LED, LCD, Smart TV Cover |Comes with Transparent 30 MM Polythene Layer for Clear View and Dust Free | Polyvinyl Chloride Printed Waterproof and Oil-proof Fabric

Smart TV Cover


Newly Upgraded Design
When using the TV, you don't need to remove the TV dust cover, just lift the curtain of the TV dust cover.

Good Heat Dissipation
The back has a two-piece design. It does not affect the heat dissipation and air permeability of the TV set.

Intelligent Design
After turning off the TV, the TV screen is no longer monotone black. At the same time, the dust cover can protect the TV.

Elastic Edge
The TV dust cover is fixed on the edge of the TV. When you watch TV, you just need to lift the curtain.

Please purchase this product according to the size of the TV. The third picture is a detailed drawing of the TV dust cover.


Clear View And Dust-free Protection
The cover comes with a transparent 30 MM polyethylene layer, allowing a crystal-clear view of your TV screen. It effectively protects your television from dust, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.

Waterproof And Oil-proof Fabric
The cover is made from polyvinyl chloride printed waterproof and oil-proof fabric. This high-quality material acts as a reliable barrier against water and oil, protecting your TV from potential damage.

Universal Compatibility
Designed to fit all brands of TVs, including LED, LCD, and Smart TVs, this cover offers versatility and a perfect fit for your specific television model.

Easy Installation And Removal
This TV Cover is user-friendly and hassle-free to install and remove. You can easily set it up or take it down when needed, ensuring convenience and ease of use.
Smart TV Cover
Smart TV Cover
Smart TV Cover

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