Alternatech Apple Peeler Machine

Alternatech Apple Peeler Machine

Professional Apple Peeler Corer in Seconds with Excellent Precision

Apple Peeler

Product Details

Peel And Core Apples In Seconds
Peeling and coring apples are difficult tasks. Put those days behind you and let the fruit peeler work in seconds. Not limited to apples, but also works for pears, potatoes and more.

Easy To Use
All you have to do is mount the fruit on the spike holder, turn the handle clockwise, and the blade will cleanly peel the skin off the fruit. Rinse the peeling blade under running water, wipe off other dirty areas with a sponge, and dry all parts with a towel.

Ultra Sharp Steel Blade
This fruit peeler has an adjustable and replaceable blade, made from the finest anti-rust stainless steel that is ultra-sharp, strong and perfect for the toughest fruit-peeling jobs.

Super Smart Design
Comes with an integrated spike holder and four suction-grip feet for extreme stability. With our innovative product, you will never hurt your hand or finger during the peeling process.

Do It Like A Pro
From apple pies, apple pudding, apple juice to apple slices, now you can prepare these delicious recipes like a pro! ORDER NOW.

Product Features

No Wastage Of Fruits
The peel is thinner, leaving hardly any apple flesh versus using motorized peelers that lose a ton of fruit.

Peel In Just Seconds
Peels all types of apples with ease, the blade cuts a wider peel than metal peelers making it faster, and the ergonomic handle makes peeling more efficient, you can get a peeled apple in seconds.

Comes With A Slicer And Corer
Comes with slicer and corer for serving sliced apples or preparing apple pies, with 8 welding points on each blade highly attached to the central corer ring, making daily use stronger and more durable.

Suction Cups For Stability
Suction cups hold the peeler firmly, easy to use for aging hands that are not flexible, easy to use even for children.

How To Use It

  1. Keep The Fruit
  2. Peeling Off
  3. Drag The Fruit
  4. Cut And Remove The Core

Keep The Fruit
Place The Apple Core On The Prong On The Spiral Spindle

Turn the crank clockwise and it turns the apple around as the spring-loaded blade cuts the peel, the blade will lift off the apple and continue to rotate as the clockwise turn continues.

Drag The Fruit
After the blade is up, off and away from the apple, you can pull the apple by pressing the button behind the crank.

Cut And Remove The Core
Push the slicer down to remove the core and cut the apple into 8 seedless wedges of uniform size.
Apple Peeler
Apple Peeler
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