Claw Wire Spring Drain Pipe Basin Cleaner Tool

Claw Wire Spring Drain Pipe Basin Cleaner Tool

Hair Catching Claw Wire Sewer Sink Tub Dredge Remover, Spring Drain Pipe Basin Cleaner Tool

drain blockage remover spring tool

Product Details

  • These drain cleaning tools can easily fit into a variety of strainers and pipes; Clean flexible sink cleaner tool, drain snake into small strainers or pipes that can get clogged frequently. And remove the hair with this spring drainage cleaning tool
  • Drain cleaning brush/spring is widely used for cleaning bathrooms; the kitchen; drowns; the tub and dredging pipe; drain; Sewers and other places are often clogged. Multi-tooth drain snakes efficiently grab hair; Food and other obstructions with the sink cleaning hook
  • Drain Snake Hair Drain Clog Remover Drain Auger Cleaning Tool If you want a rollable drain snake to save space Multi-tooth clog remover efficiently grabs hair; food and other obstacles. Hair Catcher and Sink Overflow Drain Cleaning Brush. Flexible clog remover fits small strainers and pipes; Flex on the P-trap where most clogs occur. Size: 160 cm long for inserting deep pipes; hold the loop; Eliminate obstacles with ease
  • Buy the gs Graterscape and Stainless Steel Hair Catching Multifunctional Cleaning Claw Basin Pipe Cleaner and get an upgrade to your wash basin cleaning tools with this Spring Pipe Dredging Tool Clog Remover Sink Cleaning Tools.
  • Package Included: 160cm Drain Cleaner Stick Used for cleaning claws for sinks. Better innovations serve you better.
drain blockage remover spring tool
drain blockage remover spring tool

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