Gravity-Defying Wooden Floating Plant Pot

Gravity-Defying Wooden Floating Plant Pot

Levitating Plant Pot, Floating Plant Pot for Small Plants. Levitating Decor for Home and Office

Levitating Plant Pot

Levitating Plant Pot
Levitating Plant Pot
I want to share with you my wonderful experience with the levitating plant pot. This product has done wonders in my home. Imagine your favorite plant floating in the air and slowly spinning; it's just as amazing as it sounds.

It doesn't just look good; having consistent sunlight on it has also greatly improved the health of my plant. The clean and simple design of this plant blends beautifully with my home decor and adds a touch of magic to the home. This levitating plant has really become a topic of conversation, and every visitor is always asking how it works and where and how they can buy it. If you too want to add something unique and beautiful to your home decor, then this levitating plant pot is a must-have.

More about this levitating plant pot

Unique and eye-catching: This beautifully designed levitating plant holder pot is guaranteed to catch the attention of anyone who enters the home. No other decor will have the same effect as these floating plants.

Excellent quality: This high-quality levitating planter can be used for many small plants, succulents, air-plants, and bonsai trees. Plants in this plant pot will grow strong and healthy while suspended in mid-air. If you can't take care of the plant much, then you can use an artificial plant in this plant pot.

Calm and relaxing: All your worries fade away when you see your favorite plant moving smoothly above the magnetic levitation module. With this, you can give your home decor or office desk a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere with a hovering flowerpot.

The perfect gift: This levitating planter pot is the perfect gift for any occasion, such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, baby shower, Father's Day, Christmas, anniversaries, other holidays, and more.

Quiet and fun: The creative design of this floating plant pot can silently levitate up to 300 grams of plants of your choice. Distribute the weight evenly to ensure it's smooth rotation.

What's in the box?

  • Floating Pot
  • Magnetic Base
  • 120V AC Adapter
  • Instructional Manual
  • (plant not included)


  • Make sure the magnetic levitation base is installed on a flat surface and avoid surfaces affected by magnets, including iron, metals, or other magnetic items, as they may interfere with the device.
  • Remove all metallic items from your hands before using the product.
  • Do not use it in wet surroundings.
  • Remove the magnetic levitation pot before watering and allow it to drain before re-installing.

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