4 in 1 Waterfall Kitchen Faucet

4 in 1 Waterfall Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucet Head Replacement, 3-Function Kitchen Sink Spray Nozzle

4 in 1 Waterfall Kitchen Faucet

4 in 1 Waterfall Kitchen Faucet
4 in 1 Waterfall Kitchen Faucet

About This Product

I want to tell you about this kitchen sink spray nozzle. It's a great tool; it makes it easy to rinse dishes, wash vegetables, and clean the sink.
This nozzle has different spray settings:
1: A strong jet spray for tough cleaning
2: A gentle stream for critical tasks
3: Waterfall mode with a wider cleaning range
I have found this kitchen sink spray nozzle really useful in my kitchen. It saves my time and water and makes kitchen work easier. If you want to make your kitchen more efficient, I highly recommend getting a kitchen sink spray nozzle. Here's why you'll love it:

Product Features 

3-function water outlet kitchen faucet: This sprayer head replacement has three water outlet modes:
  • 1. With a uniquely designed waterfall mode and a wide cleaning range, it is simple and convenient to wash fruits and vegetables.
  • 2. Bubble water-out mode, soft and no splash.
  • 3. Pressurized blade mode is a very strong power mode that can easily flush food debris.
5+1 adapter for different hose types: This waterfall faucet head comes with 5 different size adapters and 1 universal adapter, compatible with every major brand faucet. If your faucet's female thread is M22, you can directly install this filter on the kitchen faucet; if your faucet's female thread is not M22, you should install the adapter first and then the waterfall faucet head.
Easy to install and clean: Installing this sink faucet replacement head is as easy as removing the old nozzle and attaching the new kitchen sink aerator to the faucet. A free aerator key is included to remove or replace the nozzle aerator to clean this kitchen sink spray nozzle.
High quality material: This kitchen faucet head is mostly made of ABS plastic, its elbow is made of fine copper, and the surface is treated with nickel plating for anti-stress, anti-rust, and high temperature resistance.

What will you receive?

  • 1x faucet extender
  • 1x Universal Adapter Head
  • 5x adapter head
  • 2x Gasket
  • 1x small wrench
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