Sprinkler for Watering Garden Lawn and Yard

Sprinkler for Watering Garden Lawn and Yard

Sprinkler for Yard, Rotating Garden Sprinkler for Large Area Coverage, Lawn and Yard Sprinklers

Garden Sprinkler

Garden Sprinkler
Garden Sprinkler

Garden Sprinkler

About This Product

Different spray modes
High-quality adjustable spray arms with this 4 form nozzle, you can adjust the spraying angle to 45 degrees or 90 degrees to achieve large-area water effects, or high-density water effects.

Wide coverage area
This sprinkler can spin all the way around and water an area from 24 to 32 feet wide with 40 PSI water pressure. With 60 PSI water pressure, it can water even farther, reaching 36 to 49 feet. This garden water sprinkler is great for watering medium to large sized yards.

Premium quality and anti-leak design
The head of this sprinkler is made of high-quality ABS plastic to ensure durability and longevity. The water outlet is tightly sealed to prevent leaks, ensuring efficient use of water resources for effective irrigation. This design effectively prevents leaks.

Time saving and easy to use
This garden water sprinkler saves both your time and water. Moreover, it is very easy to use. To use it, connect this water sprinkler to the water pipe and set the pressure button and turn on the faucet, your garden or yard grass will get water without your help.

Versatile and efficient
This garden sprinkler gadget is suitable for watering grass, flower and vegetable gardens, and it can also be used as an entertainment device, your children and pets will not feel hot while playing in hot weather.

Product Features 

Efficient and save your time
Compared to the old traditional handheld-sprinkler, using this lawn sprinkler will be more efficient and save more time. This garden or lawn sprinkler uses less water to spray large areas. This new lawn sprinkler is suitable for a variety of different occasions.

Spray large areas
This sprinkler can be sprayed in an area of maximum 26 feet to 32.8 feet with international standard pipes. After connecting these 3 arms sprinkler with a hose nozzle, this sprinkler rotates 360 degrees in 12 different directions and automatically sprays water on the grass and plants in your lawn, garden and yard.

Package Content 

  • 1x 3 Arms Garden Water Sprinkler

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