Infinity 3D Fireworks LED Light Bulb

Infinity 3D Fireworks LED Light Bulb

Infinity 3D Light Fireworks Effect LED Light Bulb 3W 120V Fairy Multicolor Light Bulb Disco Light Bulb Colorful Light Bulb, Party Light Bulb, Stain Glass Light Bulb, Firework Light Bulb

Firework Light Bulb

Firework Light Bulb
Firework Light Bulb

Product Details

Energy Efficient
This 3D LED light bulb consumes only 4W, emits 400 lumens of warm white light, acts as an effective replacement for a 15W incandescent light bulb, saving 85% of your energy costs, but lighting and reading Can't be used for, only can be. Used for home decoration.

Creative Modern Style
The light bulb can produce a 3D burning firework effect, creating a fairy twinkle world, which is popular with many people, especially children or lovers. Perfect for romantic events, holidays, festivals, Halloween and Christmas.

Romanesque Unique Design
The transparent glass body can emit a wide range of warm white with a 360-degree beam angle, which is suitable for decorating home, bar, party, gardens, hotels, offices and warehouses.

Add A Festive Spirit To Your Room
The prism firework light bulb has a vintage style shape with a festive addition of colored firework bolts; The unique characteristic light changes when illuminated, creating a 3D firework appearance

Add a splash of color to a patio, party, bedroom, or any situation with Prism 3D Fireworks Lights; The firework bulb fits into a standard light socket and does not require charging

Colorful And Versatile
Prism Fireworks LED lights cast a stunning visual color similar to evening firework lighting; Perfect to celebrate holidays and romantic events or to bring a special touch to your place of business

LED Technology
The decorative bulb uses only 2W Rated to deliver up to 10,000 hours; low heat; non-dimmable; Instant full brightness; Suitable for wet locations; mercury free FCC compliant

UL/CUL Certified And 2 Years
Feit Electric maintains the highest standards for our products with optimum performance and safety The firework light bulb comes with a 2 year warranty

Long Service Life
This light bulb 3D LED can be used for up to 30,000 hours, no need to replace the bulb for more than 3 years, which is three times longer than ordinary incandescent lamps, and it also has LED colorful decorative filaments, which are very beautiful and durable.

Product Features

Plug And Play
Equipped with a standard e26 base, the LED ST19 3W stained glass light bulbs are easy to install into most light fixtures or lamps. Simply plug and play to transform virtually any room into a vibrant, colorful 3D fireworks display. The perfect choice for chandeliers, entryways, sconces and party lighting, the bulbs are also sold in a 2-count package to give you twice the fun!

Less Energy, Longer Life
Boasting low energy use, each diminutive, 3-watt bulb (25-watt equivalent) will significantly cut electric costs and last longer. In fact, each bulb can last up to 25,000 hours, giving you decorative lighting and cozy nights for years to come. Not only can you enjoy a prism light bulb, but it's virtually maintenance-free and will save you money to boot.

No Dangerous Gases
Offering excellent energy efficiency, dimmable lighting and unique colored light in one package, this 2-pack of LED Infinity 3D Light Fireworks Effect ST19 Light Bulbs is a must-have. Additionally, LED bulbs are safer to use than fluorescent bulbs. They are free of harmful mercury and will not release any harmful gases creating a healthy environment for you and your family.


  • Bulb Base: E27, Color 
  • Temperature: 2700K
  • Wattage: 4W
  • Voltage: 85-265V
  • Luminous intensity: 400LM

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