Washing Machine Stand Adjustable Metal Trolley with Wheels

Washing Machine Stand Adjustable Metal Trolley with Wheels

Adjustable Metal Trolley with Wheels for Home with 4 Anti Vibration Rubber Pads - Stands Upto 160 Kg Weight, Also Suitable for Dishwasher, Air Cooler

Adjustable Metal Trolley with Wheels

Product Details

Equipment Roller
The washing machine stand has 4 strong lifting legs and 4 × 2 locking rubber swivel wheels. Stay firm and easy to move with swivel wheels, convenient for cleaning and reworking.

Adjustable Mini Fridge Stand
Please measure the size of your mini fridge first when you order. Length and width (16.9 - 25.2 inches) 43-64 cm, and height (3.94-5.1 inches) 10-13 cm. Able to lift washing machines and refrigerators off the ground, avoiding direct contact with the ground. It solves the problem of difficult drainage and cleaning. In addition, it can also keep moisture and humidity away, preventing the washer from rusting and prolong the life of the washer.

High Quality Refrigerator Wheels
Can withstand up to 440bs (200kg). Mini fridge stands are mainly used for the bottom of portable washing machines, washers and dryers, freezers and refrigerators, mini fridges or other household appliances.

Easy To Install
This washing machine stand is easy to assemble. Snap-on design allows one person to complete installation. Also, it is equipped with black anti-vibration rubber pads, which can prevent slipping, stabilize the washer, reduce noise, and prevent vibration during the washing and spinning process.

Washing Machine Mover
We will love you this amazing mini fridge stand. As an honest seller , if you find any broken or chipped items, please feel free to contact us, the professional team will solve the problems to your satisfaction and promise that you will not be damaged.

Product Features

Easy Installation
The metal stand is almost done and only the connecting brackets need to be installed. Thanks to the snap-on design, one person can complete the installation in five minutes. It is a fast and efficient process.

Easy Mobility
The legs and wheels are assembled on a triangular base; You just need to connect the tubes.

High Weight Capacity
The primary structure of the stand consists of steel with a weight capacity of up to 160 kg, and it is easy to assemble. It is a shape-flexible object designed to fit most device sizes.

The washing machine stand is made entirely of metal and is equipped with rubber bushes at the base to provide a good grip. This feature is especially useful for wet floors as it not only prevents the washing machine from rusting but also protects the floor from any damage.
Adjustable Metal Trolley with Wheels
Adjustable Metal Trolley with Wheels
Adjustable Metal Trolley with Wheels

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