Vacuum Space Saver Sealer Bags For Clothes Storage

Vacuum Space Saver Sealer Bags For Clothes Storage

Premium Vacuum Sealer Bags for Clothing, Suits and Coats, Clothes Compression Storage Bags | Space Saver Sealer Bags For Clothes Airtight Reusable Packing Ziplock Bag with Travelling with Hand Pump

Vacuum packing Bags for Clothes
Vacuum packing Bags for Clothes

Product Details

Package Includes 2 Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags
Dedicated to keeping winter coats, jackets, dresses and gowns long or short. It's a great space-saving idea for packing heavy season clothes and adding more storage space to your closet. With clear bags and 5 hooks hanger design, you can still find what's inside. And don't worry, the items will retain their shape when pulled out.

Get 3 Times More Space Saving
Compressed to about 1/3 of the original space and expanded storage space for your favorite clothes. Hold 10 clothes or 5 suits with this jumbo hanging vacuum storage bag.

Easy Operation
Vacuum seal storage bag with side-mounted zipper for simple addition or removal of clothing, no need to fold your suits, tops, jackets, coats and dresses. Swivel hooks and hanger rings fit any closet and clothes rack.

Easy To Find Your Clothes!
Look-though design with a special 5 ring space saver hanger, easily find your clothes at a glance!

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
We've worked hard to design one of the best vacuum storage ziploc reusable variety compression hanging bags you can buy with the highest level of quality and functionality, if no other smart saver hanging space bag (ever) has put its stamp on it. holds, we'll send you a free no-questions-asked replacement.

Product features

Airtight Packing
These vacuum storage bags by Smart Saver have a double zip seal and triple seal turbo valve technology that prevents air from getting in or out.

Protects Your Belongings
The sanitary material of these bags keeps your belongings safe from mold, bacteria, dust and insects, thus making them an ideal storage option for you.

A Delight For Travelers
Significantly helpful in saving most luggage space, these bags allow you to pack more items into your suitcase or backpack with minimal effort.

Exceptional Quality
We are a brand known for providing foolproof storage solutions. All our products are made from the finest quality materials, as we always prioritize customer satisfaction.

For Home And Business Use
Our user-friendly and versatile products aim to meet the storage needs of our buyers and are well suited for household tasks, office use and travel purposes.

Redefining Convenience
We are always dedicated to making life easier for our consumers through our products that make storage and packing of your articles much faster and hassle free.

Package Content

  • 2x Hanging Vacuum Storage
  • 1x Hand Vacuum Pump

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