Full HD Smart Wi-fi CCTV Home Security Camera

Full HD Smart Wi-fi CCTV Home Security Camera

2MP Full HD Smart Wi-fi CCTV Home Security Camera | 360° with Pan Tilt | 2Way Talk | Cloud Monitor | Motion Detect | Night Vision | Supports SD Card (Upto 128 GB)

Wi-fi CCTV Home Security Camera


2MP Resolution
1080P Full HD video is designed to display a detailed picture quality so that every detail can be seen clearly and avoid a pixilated video feed.

360° View
The camera rotates a full 360°, making it convenient for you to see the room from every angle and keep an eye on every place even when you are away from home.
Watch and Talk enables you to stay in touch with your loved ones from anywhere, meaning you can talk while watching a live video feed on the phone.

Supports Motion Tracking
Whenever sudden movement is detected in the video frame, the camera is designed to automatically rotate to track people's movement and record it for later investigation.

Superior Night Vision
Delivers full-color video even in low light. Using a large CMOS image sensor, this camera offers a wide contrast range that allows shadows and dark areas to be illuminated with perfect clarity as the sensor with larger pixels collects more light that captures images even in the dark. improves the quality of

Privacy Mode
Using privacy mode, you can block the camera view and recording of a specific area of your choice to maintain privacy.

IR lights
In low-light areas or dark spaces, infrared lights help deliver a clear video feed even at night, enhancing and enhancing the lens' visibility to capture every detail.

Alexa And Google Home Supported
CP PLUS ezyKam+ also works with both Alexa and Google Home, letting you integrate your surveillance solution with your smart home system, meaning that with a simple voice command, you can now send your camera feed to a TV or smart phone.


Complete Security System
Advanced home security camera that comes with 1080p FHD picture 360° panorama view | Infrared Night Vision | AI Human Discovery and more!

360° Pan And Tilt View
Get full surveillance coverage of your home/office to keep an eye on any unusual activity.

Advanced Night Vision
In-built infrared LEDs offer you improved night vision so you can get clear night time images/recordings.

Cloud Monitoring
All your recordings are stored on the cloud for easy access. Continuous video recording to memory card (128 GB)!
Wi-fi CCTV Home Security Camera
Wi-fi CCTV Home Security Camera
Wi-fi CCTV Home Security Camera

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