Mouth Correction Sticker Mouth Tape for Sleeping

Mouth Correction Sticker Mouth Tape for Sleeping

Adult Mouth Tapes for Sleeping Non Woven Fabric Sleep Mouth Strips Nose Breathing Aids

Mouth Tape for Sleeping


Primary Function
These mouth bands help keep you shut at night, train your nose for air circulation and create a gentle habit.

Supporting Features
Use nasal strips to stimulate your nose, ensure more effective oxygenation, help reduce the volume of your sounds, and improve your quality.

Safe Content
Adopts excellent adhesive tape, the non-woven fabric is soft and comfortable, without irritating the skin, can be used with confidence.

A box contains 30 pieces of adult mouth tapes, which are sufficient for uncut, easy use and replacement, and can be gently dismantled.

A box contains 30 adult gum strips, which are enough to use and change without the need for additional tools and can be easily dismantled. The strips can be carried around and placed in handbags, school bags, etc.
Mouth Tape for Sleeping
Mouth Tape for Sleeping
Mouth Tape for Sleeping

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