Washable Microfiber Shoes Cover Reusable Dust Mops for Women

Washable Microfiber Shoes Cover Reusable Dust Mops for Women

Mop Slippers Shoes Cover Dust Duster Slippers Cleaning Floor House Washable

Reusable Dust Mops for Women


5 Pair Mop Slipper Set
Dust mops for floor cleaning made of chenille fiber material, very soft flexible and warm. With mop slippers having strong drainage and water absorption capacity, clean dust, dirt and pet hair quickly.

Versatile And Easy To Use
The dust mop needs to be put on the foot to use the washable cover, the soft material can avoid noise or footprints on the floor. Mop shoe covers can be used not only as a mop head in a mop, for mopping floors, cleaning windows or washing cars, but also for cleaning dust, dirt and hair from floors. Can also be used as a cover. Great for families with pets.

Unisex Size And Fun To Clean with Your Family
Mop shoes are designed with elastic cord for both women, mens, adults and children. (10 PCS) 5 different bright colors (blue, green, purple, pink and orange), easy to spray which color for which task. With these mop shoes slippers, the whole family can clean together, slip-free and enjoy doing housework with their kids. Both are fun and clean at the same time.

Comfortable And Convenient
Wear it on your feet or shoes and clean floors as you walk, freeing up your hands for other tasks, no more kneeling or bending over to clean. Perfect for busy housewives and lazy men

Machine Washable And Reusable
These dust proof mop slippers are reusable and easy to clean, just put these mop shoe covers in the washing machine. When it dries, you get an almost new one.
Reusable Dust Mops for Women
Reusable Dust Mops for Women
Reusable Dust Mops for Women

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