Press Lift Makeup Organiser Storage Box

Press Lift Makeup Organiser Storage Box

Box Pressed Auto Lift Lipstick Holder Clear Cosmetic Display Cases for Bathroom Counter or Dresser

Press Lift Makeup Organiser Storage Box

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Press the lift-down division lipstick is made of solid acrylic material, which has good durability and sealing; The interior can protect the lipstick effectively; Desktop Plastic Transparent Lipstick Box Dustproof Lid Lipstick Lipstick Box

Dustproof lipstick storage box, lipstick organizer with lid to prevent dust effectively; Press-lifted divided lipstick holder, just press the lid gently, it will lift up automatically and no need to assemble.

Dustproof Pressed Auto Lift Lipstick Display Case can easily classify and store lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss, liquid lipstick; Suitable for placing on your dressing table, table, dressing table and table

Lip gloss holder can be used as a beautiful birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift, Christmas gift, Halloween gift, resurrection gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift, ideal choice for his wife, girlfriend, makeup lover. can

1*Lipstick Organizer, (6.42*3.27*3.27inch, 5.2*4.69*4.69inch), you can choose to buy according to your needs, If there is any quality problem with the product, please contact us at any time. Help you solve the result as soon as possible

The lipstick organizer with innovative press lift design breaks the traditional way of opening and adds a new level of fun to your everyday convenience.

Good workmanship, easy to clean, good sealing, even in the bathroom. A strong lipstick holder with an airtight effect, effectively prevents moisture and prevents dust, great for carrying lipstick, brushes, bottles during travel and daily outing.

The clear acrylic lipstick display case is safe, sturdy and durable, so you can easily grab a lipstick color before going out, say goodbye to fumbling with your hands and let you go to your appointment with ease.
Easily sort and store your lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses, liquid lipsticks, long and short tubes in two lipstick holder sizes to meet your different needs.
Press Lift Makeup Organiser Storage Box
Press Lift Makeup Organiser Storage Box
Press Lift Makeup Organiser Storage Box

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