Paralysis Bed Rest Patient Turning Device

Paralysis Bed Rest Patient Turning Device

Multifunctional Turning Pillow PU Leather Anti-Bedsore Waterproof Paralyzed Bed Shift Nursing Products Helping The Elderly Turn Over Pillow

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This patient turning device available on home gadgets shop adopts U-shaped grooves, which is ergonomic and fits the patient's legs better, provides comfortable support, promotes blood circulation and maintains air circulation, the arc design and handles on both sides make the rotation much easier.

Place the patient's legs on the patient turning device pillow, place the pillow between the patient's legs, and place the hands on the chest. Hold the patient's shoulder or waist with one hand and pull the handle with the other hand while turning the patient's body.

Whether you are a professional doctor or daily care, this patient turning device aid will meet your needs. It can easily help patients change their posture, prevent bedsores, assist patients to exercise in bed, and successfully complete operations such as changing diapers and defecation. Reduce the burden on family members and nursing staff.

Our patient turning devices are made of soft flannel. Compared with leather turning pads, flannel is more environmentally friendly home gadgets shop , soft and skin-friendly, no damage to the patient's skin or bedsores, the inner lining is made of high-density sponge, which will not be deformed after long-term repeated use.

The patient turning device u shaped pillow is very suitable for the elderly, long-term sleepers, rehabilitation patients, and patients with limb motor dysfunction, and is suitable for the care of most children, adults and obese people. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be at your disposal.
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