Tall Tiered Flower Pot Holder

Tall Tiered Flower Pot Holder

6 Tier Plant Stands for Indoors and Outdoors | Flower Pot Holder Shelf for Multi Plants

Tall Tiered Flower Pot Holder

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A metal plant stand is made of durable metal tubes. It is rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, fade-resistant, durable and can withstand heavy indoor and outdoor planters. Every detail is rigorously checked by professional welders to ensure that the planter can withstand the heaviest flower pots.

Iron flowerpot display brackets are elegant and modern in appearance, a perfect combination of practicality and fashion. The plant stand brings a green environment and a pleasant mood, and can be used as a good decoration for balcony, garden, florist, outdoor, indoor, living room, office, patio plant, flower pot decoration or display, etc. .

The plant stand reaches a height of 29 inches to ensure there is enough space for two pots underneath. In addition, you can also use it as a storage rack in the bathroom or kitchen.

It's a great companion for indoor and outdoor plants, with a sturdy frame and two layers of anti-rust paint on the surface, so there's no need to worry about rust and paint peeling. You can place it in a corner, in front of a window, on a patio, or in an entryway.

The metal flowerpot stand has 3 tiers and 6 square trays. Each tier is made of thick metal steel pipes, and anti-slip pads are attached to the bottom to balance and stabilize each corner. The space between the trays is large enough to ensure that each tier has plenty of room for growth and light.
Tall Tiered Flower Pot HolderTall Tiered Flower Pot Holder
Tall Tiered Flower Pot Holder

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