Adjustable Self Measuring Spoon for Kitchen

Adjustable Self Measuring Spoon for Kitchen

Plastic Measuring Spoon Set for Your Kitchen | Two Cups For All Kind of Dry and Liquid Measuring | Adjustable And Easy to Use

Adjustable Self Measuring Spoon

Product Details

Correct Measurements
Great helper in the kitchen for accurate measurement and can also be used as a pet food measuring cup. This stackable measuring spoons can measure 1 tbsp/15ml, 1 tsp/5ml, 12 tsp/2.5ml and 14 tsp/1.25ml. Features easy-to-read standard metric units and permanent measurement markings for pinpoint accuracy to ensure consistency in food preparation.

Perfect Kitchen Utensils
As anyone who's baked knows, a good baking tool can often be half the battle, like this set made of BPA-free plastic, with clear scales for easy measuring and to meet a variety of cooking needs. A variety of specifications for, flour, liquid, coffee beans. etc.

Easy To Use
This measuring spoons are easy to adjust to the desired size and more convenient than carrying a whole set of spoons. To use, simply adjust the cover to the desired size and the cover snaps into place for a secure fit. Angled edges make precise alignment easier. This spoon and spoon set is dishwasher safe, so it's ready to use whenever you need it.

Compact Design
You can find accurate measuring spoons wherever you go! For your convenience, the design is compact. Save space in dorm rooms, residence halls, college flats and small kitchens. Measure while camping, trekking, or traveling with our compact measuring cups.

Versatile Use
This measuring cup set includes everything you need to measure dry ingredients such as spices, sugar, salt, oil, coffee, wheat and more. You can also make delicious recipes to help you lose weight with these amazing spoons.
Adjustable Self Measuring Spoon
Adjustable Self Measuring Spoon
Adjustable Self Measuring Spoon

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