Spin Vegetable Washing Basket

Spin Vegetable Washing Basket

Vegetable Washing and Drying Manual Spin Basket for Home and Kitchen

Spin Vegetable Washing Basket

Spin Vegetable Washing Basket
Spin Vegetable Washing Basket
Spin Vegetable Washing Basket

Product Details

Our professional salad spinner is made of high quality, food grade, durable strong ABS plastic. Designed to be easy to operate and clean

To reduce your workload while cooking, you can use this salad spinner to wash and dry various small fruits and vegetables in seconds, and it does not affect the crispness and texture of the vegetables. 5.3 QT, 5 L open capacity that allows you to make 4-6 salad servings at a time. Save time and energy!

The salad spinner has a non-slip ring and the wide base keeps the bowl steady on the countertop. The salad dryer's built-in drainage system drains water into the outer bowl and pours it through the drain on the lid without removing the lid. Safety buckles on both sides prevent food from escaping during rotation.

This salad spinner is mainly used for drying freshly washed lettuce, spinach, cabbage, vegetables, small fruits and other salad ingredients. You can also use it as a vegetable and fruit washer, salad holder and other food container. The transparent bowl is perfect as a salad bowl. This multifunctional salad spinner offers a great economic value.

If the salad spinner you received was damaged in transit, please contact us in time, we will solve your problem as soon as possible and replace a new salad spinner. We are committed to providing satisfactory service to every customer, thank you for choosing us, and wish you a happy life every day!

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