Theft Prevention Security Stamp with Cutting Tool

Identity Protection Roller Stamp Roller Identity Theft Prevention Security Stamp with Cutting Tool Designed for Anti-Theft, Protect Your Confidential Address, Bank Statement, Personal Privacy

Identity Protection Roller Stamp

Product Details

Privacy Protection
This Identity Security Roller Stamp does a great job on data security. You can use it to cover privacy in mail, checks, bank statements, express packages, drug labels, office documents and many other areas you can imagine. The secret roller stamp is your new security guard

Optional For A Shredder
You don't need to waste your time to cut and clean up the shredded paper. Theft Protection Stamp helps you to cover your name, address, phone number and any other personal information anytime anywhere in a more efficient and more convenient way.

Second Generation
The identity security roller stamp has an upgraded ceramic box opener and letter opener instead of ABS material, to easily open boxes or letters, to meet your safe and sharp demand.

Ink can be refilled in the stamp side, 5 to 10 drops per time is good enough. After applying the ink, let it stand for 15 minutes and use it for better results. 3 bottles of ink can work for years.

Quality Assurance
We guarantee that this product is manufactured under strict quality control. If there is any quality problem during use, please feel free to contact us.
Identity Protection Roller Stamp
Identity Protection Roller Stamp
Identity Protection Roller Stamp

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