Silicone Gel Cushion Pad Half Toe Sleeve

Silicone Gel Metatarsal Pad Metatarsal Cushion Pad Half Toe Sleeve Anti-Skid Forefoot cushion Toe Separator Foot Toe Care

Silicone Gel Cushion Pad Half Toe Sleeve

Product Details

Reusable and comfortable
These reusable metatarsal pads for feet are extra comfortable and washable, helping to save you money and be earth-friendly. The silicone heel foot cushion is perfect for almost all types of shoes, such as high heels, pumps, sandals or wedges. Suitable for both men and women. A great gift for your beloved heels.

Use the ultrasoft silicon metatarsal ball daily
The ultra-soft gel material ensures maximum comfort and ease of use at all times. The soft silicon forefoot cushion is the best choice for those who suffer from foot problems from hard shoes. Helps reduce the pain of wearing high heels so you'll feel like you're walking on a cloud! Eranqo always ensures to provide the best quality with affordable rates!

Breathable and flexible
With an ergonomic shape made of high-quality silicone material, it will perfectly fit the curve of your feet. Designed with multiple air holes under the forefoot pads to ensure maximum breathability. Honeycomb style metatarsal pads keep your feet dry and efficiently wick sweat. Such premium silicone fiberglass lace gel, foot pads are strong in elasticity, it is non-slip for long walks.

Anti slip
Flexible toe metatarsal pads that ensure you can comfortably wear the forefoot nursing pad. prevent slipping to the other side; The lace foot cushion is anti-rubbing and anti-slip.

Note that
Please do not wear continuously and do not walk too much with the product on your heel as it is soft and delicate and may not be able to withstand outdoor walking.
Silicone Gel Cushion Pad Half Toe Sleeve
Silicone Gel Cushion Pad Half Toe Sleeve
Silicone Gel Cushion Pad Half Toe Sleeve

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