Plastic Reusable Ice Pop Makers

Plastic Reusable Ice Pop Makers

Reusable Ice Pop Molds Easy Release Popsicle Maker Molds Cream Popcical Molds for Homemade Popsicles With Funnel and Cleaning Brush

Plastic Reusable Ice Pop Makers

Product Details

  • Best Popsicle Molds on Amazon Made in India - Easy to make homemade treats for kids. Our popsicle molds have an eco-friendly reusable design. There's something about frozen treats that tends to bring out the kid in everyone.
  • They never fail to quench the summer thirst. But it doesn't have to be summertime to enjoy dessert ice pops. Our mold bases measure 16.5cm X 15cm X 14.5cm, single
  • Mold Size - 10.5 cm X 3 cm.
  • Our ice pop maker is safe and user friendly - 100% BPA free, our ice pop molds are made of durable good quality plastic to last long in your home. Our popsicle molds are large enough to hold more treats but stand up securely in a tray that fits in your freezer. And they are top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Healthy Lifestyle & Save Money - Homemade popsicles won't have anything weird in them like artificial colors, chemicals or flavors added. You can make homemade ice pops as natural as you like. Homemade popsicles will cost much less.
  • Delight your kids and their friends with delicious homemade ice pop treats. Make healthy, nutritious and money-saving ice pops in your own freezer. Make healthy ice pops using juice, fruit, jam, yogurt, and ice cream to avoid the sugar found in store-bought ice pops.
  • No more sticky hands - these kulfi molds have a drip tray at the base of each to catch the drips, so no more sticky hands! Holes cut into the stick secure the stick to the popsicle, making it easy to remove the popsicle from the mold.


Your homemade popsicle molds will delight kids and their friends with their unique shape and built-in drip guards.

The popsicle maker is designed to pop out easily, and the popsicle trays can store separately in the freezer to save space.

You'll feel great giving your kids an all-natural frozen treat for lunch, dessert, or an after-school snack.
Plastic Reusable Ice Pop Makers
Plastic Reusable Ice Pop Makers
Plastic Reusable Ice Pop Makers

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