Dual-function Female Faucet Aerator

Dual-function Female Faucet Aerator, 1.8 GPM Extra Big Angle Rotate Kitchen Sink Aerator Sprayer Head 360 Degree Swivel Kitchen Sink Sprayer Attachment

Dual-function Female Faucet Aerator

Product Details

2 Water flow design
This kitchen faucet aerator is 100% anti-leakage, rotate the bottom to replace the strong spray with a 360-degree swivel for a soft bubble stream. Water saving 30% ~ 70% (compared to standard bubbler).

Large angle rotation
The new design of a very large rotation angle can reach every corner of the kitchen sink, making it easy to wash and clean.

Easy to install
Install the direct sink aerator sprayer head by hand with no tools, done in seconds. If your faucet has a female thread, please use the included 15, 16-inch x 27 male thread adapter before installation.

Increase the water pressure
Stop the flow of water, and the air is mixed with the water, the water feels soft, the speed of the water increases, the cleaning is more convenient.

Faucet aerator extenders can be fitted to kitchen, sink faucets, bathroom faucets and lavatory faucets. Company offers a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 100% satisfied customer service.
Dual-function Female Faucet Aerator
Dual-function Female Faucet Aerator
Dual-function Female Faucet Aerator

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