Collapsible Kitchen Sink Corner Strainer

Collapsible Kitchen Sink Corner Strainer

Kitchen Sink Drain Basket, Retractable Sink Food Catcher Multifunction Sink Strainer Basket, Foldable Corner Sink Strainer for Filter Kitchen Waste and Wash Vegetables Fruits

Collapsible Kitchen Sink Corner Strainer

Product Details

Clever Design
The fixed suction cup can hold the drain strainer firmly in the sink. When dumping the garbage, you only need to unload the basket alone, without pulling it together with the suction. Retractable design can be used as needed, saving more space. The large-diameter design makes it more convenient to dump leftovers and is not easy to spill. There are many round holes evenly distributed on the bottom, which can drain the water quickly.

Multiple Functions
A kitchen waste strainer that can filter kitchen, restaurant leftovers, not to clog the drain pipe. It can also be used for washing fruits and vegetables and draining water. At the same time, you can also use the top to store things, you can store kitchen gadgets or other small items, and organize the storage effectively.

High-quality Content
The kitchen drain strainer is made of food-grade plastic, which has no peculiar smell and the material is safe and healthy to touch.

Your Kitchen Assistant
Hanging drain baskets can easily drain water for dry and wet separation. It can be stored in the corner without taking up space. Easily filter kitchen waste without getting your hands dirty. It can provide many conveniences for kitchen work and is an indispensable good assistant for you.

Included In The Package
1pcs Foldable Sink Strainer Basket (15.5 x 13.5 x 8cm, 6.1 x 5.31 x 3.14 inches). This is a sink drain strainer basket specifically designed to filter out kitchen debris. It can prevent the kitchen sink from clogging and keep the sink clean and tidy.
Collapsible Kitchen Sink Corner Strainer
Collapsible Kitchen Sink Corner Strainer
Collapsible Kitchen Sink Corner Strainer

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