Watermelon Cutter Fruit Carving Tools Set

Watermelon Cutter Fruit Carving Tools Set

Melon Baller Scoop Set, Fruit Scooper Seed Remover Watermelon Knife for Dig Pulp Separator Fruit Slicer

Watermelon Baller Tool

Watermelon Cutter
Watermelon Cutter

Product Details

New Package And Design
This fruit and vegetable multipurpose cutter shaper tool set includes 7 pcs pack (Package includes: 1X Melon Baller Tool, 1X Fruit Carver Tool, 1X Pulp Remover Tool, 1X Mickey Shape Tool, 1X Star Shape Tool, 1X Flower Shape Tool, 1X Heart Shape Tool). Even children can use this tool set easily. It is definitely a must-have kitchen tool and this watermelon craving tool set is a must-have in every kitchen.

Efficient And Superfast
This stainless steel watermelon slicer cutter tool is very easy to use to cut whole watermelon cubes with ease. This watermelon slicer set can quickly separate the fruit flesh from the watermelon skin, and take out the watermelon slice. With this slicer cutter you can cut your watermelon in half the usual time and make your own watermelon salad in a minute.

Premium Material
This watermelon carving tool set is made of premium and high quality steel and plastic materials. It is a watermelon slicer with a strong and durable handle. It is the best supporting tool for a creative and beautiful DIY fruit plate.

Safe And Child-friendly Edges
This watermelon slicer cutter features unique rounded edges and non-sharp blades so it is absolutely safe while using it by your child, which makes it completely safe. This tool is an ideal kitchen gift for a starter If you have a starter in your house too then you can gift this tool to him.

Wide Application
You can make all kinds of balls with this tool, such as meatballs, rice balls, ice cream balls, fruit balls, chocolate balls, cake balls and DIY cooking etc. This tool is great for use in kitchens, restaurants, dining bars and cafeterias.


  • Fruit Carving Knife: 19.5 CM x 2 CM
  • Melon Baller: 20.3 CM x 3 CM
  • Pulp Remover or Scraper: 20.3 CM x 5.8 CM

Package Stuff (What You Get)

  • 1X Fruit Carving Knife
  • 1X Melon Baller
  • 1X Pulp Remover or Scraper

Product Features

  • The best and easiest tool to cut watermelon
  • It is very easy and quick to cut a watermelon and enjoy the fruit without any effort.
  • If you have this tool, you can make amazing fruit platters all summer long.
  • This watermelon slicer cutter or carving tool is very safe to use, especially for your kids. This watermelon slicer has a bright, funny and friendly shape and color,
  • Encourage your kids to cut watermelons with these kids friendly and safe watermelon cutter, which will help children develop practical skills.

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