Stainless-Steel Danish Dough Whisk

Stainless-Steel Danish Dough Whisk

Danish Dough Whisk Blender Dutch Bread Whisk Hook Wooden Hand Mixer Bread Baking Tools

Dough Whisk Tool

Dough Whisk Tool
Dough Whisk Tool
Dough Whisk Tool

Product Details

Strong and great quality
The large wooden handle provides a comfortable grip and prevents hand strain. The bread dough is attached to a 304 stainless steel metal hook using food grade glue to prevent breakage.

A baker's essential tools
Should be in every kitchen. The whisk's double eye design cuts wet and dry ingredients evenly into stiff dough. The perfect vessel for heavy mixing. Ideal for making all kinds of breads, cakes, fudge, pancakes, pies, cookies and other desserts. A Danish bread whisk does a better job than a traditional whisk or wooden spoon.

Easy to clean
There is no gap between the handle and the wire loop which makes it very easy to clean. Just wash your hands with warm water and soap and you're ready for your next mixing job!

Dough scraper
The bread whisk set comes with a free scraper that makes it easy to slice and dice dough. The scraper also helps to easily clean sticky residue from bowls and slabs.

Reliable customer service and quality guaranteed
We provide high quality customer satisfaction and tolerate zero quality issues. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will provide you with a refund.

  • A Danish flour whisk is a great hand mixer for all your baking needs.
  • Perfect for making all types of dough: pizza, pasta, sweet pie crust, bread, pastry, cookies, artisan sourdough breads and more!
  • The dough won't stick in strands, and won't stick in the center so you spend less time cleaning.
  • Thick wires made of durable stainless steel are able to cut dough easily.
  • Dough Scraper: Scraping dough is made easy with our scraper tool, with its unbreakable round handle and straight sided rectangular blade, this scraper is the ideal tool for cutting and dividing cookie and pastry dough for rolls and loaves.

Product Features

Danish Dough whisk
The whisk's ring does the job perfectly by mixing wet and dry ingredients in less time & effort.

Cinnamon rolls
Our goal is to make your life easier by finding ways to cut down your food preparation time.

Plastic Dough Scraper
The food grade plastic dough scraper helps cut your dough in perfect sizes & scraps leftover dough.

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