Paper Punches Machine for Art and Craft

Paper Punches Machine for Art and Craft

Paper Punches for Crafting, Shape Hole Punch, Craft Hole Punch, Paper Punch for Scrapbooking Supplies

Paper Punches Machine for Art and Craft

Product Details

You'll get six craft punches, allowing for different cutout punches in different patterns. As shown in the pictures, they are shaped like stars, butterflies, penguins, suns, musical notes and maple leaves. Paper crafting programs can develop children's intelligence by practicing the ability to use hands and brain.

There is an openable cover at the bottom, which can collect the cutout, preventing pieces of paper from falling here and there. The closed cover can avoid children's finger pain. Helps to find transparent cover. Use this puncher upside down to accurately inspect the position and get a perfect size.

With this set hole punch, you can make your own decorative cards, envelopes, children's artwork, scrapbook pages, photo frames, origami, greeting cards, diaries, gift wrap, jewelry and more. Especially suitable for teacher and student interactive programs, hands-on activities for parents and children.

Made of premium ABS plastic, the outer shell is lightweight yet high strength. You can get different colors in the pictures, which look high quality. This is because they come from a different batch. We are always optimizing our designs.

Plain paper, EVA foam, aluminum foil, kraft paper and other similar materials in thickness less than 2 mm are suitable for our hole punches. Punch quickly with vertical force and a precise cutout with clean edges will emerge.
Paper Punches Machine for Art and Craft
Paper Punches Machine for Art and Craft
Paper Punches Machine for Art and Craft

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