Over Microwave Oven Rack

Over Microwave Oven Rack

Adjustable Countertop 2-Tier Microwave Oven Rack Organizer with Hooks

Microwave Oven Rack

Product Details

Save the counter place
The 2-Tier Kitchen Counter Organizer keeps your items organized vertically, leaving more space on your counter and in your kitchen.

Expandable and height adjustable design
The microwave rack can be extended left and right, the length of the microwave shelf can be adjusted between 15.74"-23.62", just by twisting the back of the rod. The height of the first layer can be adjusted from 11.81" to 18.89", 3 different heights to choose from.

Strong microwave shelf
Made of strong thick carbon steel, fine workmanship, more stable without shaking, can hold up to 50lbs. You can put many things on it such as microwave, toaster, tableware, bottles, spices, condiments, canned food, dishes, pots, pans or any other kitchen gear.

This microwave shelf rack can be used as cabinet storage, under the sink storage or anywhere you need a shelf. It comes with 3 bonus hooks for storing oven mitts, kitchen utensils, or hand towels.

Easy to install
The extended kitchen counter shelf comes with all the necessary tools and instructions. You can set up in 3 minutes. The shelf can be placed on any flat surface. Or you can use the 4 adjustable foot pads for slightly uneven ground.

Product Features

Strong and durable design
The oven rack is designed with a structure design, the top shelf with protective side frame can be used for daily kitchen spices, and the spacious space can accommodate your microwave oven safely.

Adjustable feet
The rack comes with an adjustable foot design that will be quite stable even on uneven floors.

Easy to clean
The surface of the microwave oven rack frame is powder coated for a smooth matte texture and rust-proof that is easy to clean.
Microwave Oven Stand Amazon
Microwave Oven Stand Amazon

Microwave Oven Stand Amazon

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