Electric Crepe, Dosa and Chilla Maker

Electric Crepe, Dosa and Chilla Maker

Electric Crepe Maker Dosa Maker Auto Power Off, Portable Crepe Maker With Non-Stick Dipping Plate And Egg Whisk

Electric Crepe, Dosa and Chilla Maker

Electric Crepe, Dosa and Chilla Maker
Electric Crepe, Dosa and Chilla Maker
Electric Crepe, Dosa and Chilla Maker

Product Details

The non-stick coated plate surface lets you make crepes, soft tortillas, tacos, blintzes, egg rolls, chapatis, and many other breakfast favorites in 20 seconds even with no cooking experience, forget about your old crepe pan.

Our electric crepe maker with automatic temperature controller prevents burning. Plus additional high-powered heating element 120V, 60Hz, 800W temperature control, operated by a push button on, off switch, to indicate when the surface is hot enough to start cooking. Intimate long large handle design for easy holding, saves operating space and lets you feel safe and fall in love with using it.

Our crepe machine is a compact, fast and convenient cooktop that lets you take down and take down from any position. This non-stick crepe maker has a large 8” cooking area, making it easy to make restaurant-style crepes. Preheat the crepe maker, spread a thin layer of batter, and watch your crepes cook in seconds.

This round electric single crepe maker is easy to clean with non-stick surfaces, wipe the cooking plate with a damp cloth, and your crepe maker electric is clean. Always ensure equipment is cool and dry before storing.

Our electric crepe maker comes with a battered tray to make breakfast preparation easy. This pan-style grill is great for quick cooking, especially for busy everyday meals. Perfect for any countertop, tabletop, or kitchen top. So, now, what are you waiting for? Let's start cooking eggs and pancakes for breakfast to make your life healthy and smoke-free.

Product Features

Not just for crepes, the multi-functional base can also be used as a grill so you can have breakfast all day long. Plus, it can easily make crepes, blintzes, pancakes, tortillas and more.

We know our money is well spent when the product lasts a long time without any damage. Durability is the main criteria behind your purchases and cleaning is a snap with this 8” hot plate offered by our Electric Crepe Pancake Maker.

This electric crepe maker griddle can be placed in any direction on the 360 degree base.

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