3-Layer Fridge Flip Egg Holder

3-Layer Fridge Flip Egg Holder

Flip Fridge Door Egg Storage Rack Tray Container Space Saver Egg Organizer Box Rack for Kitchen Versatile Reusable Clear Egg Tray

Flip Fridge Door Egg Storage Rack

Product Details

Unique Design
The conical groove and one-egg-per-slot design allows each egg to stay in place, no worries about bumping or rolling. The three-layer egg rack is able to store 30 eggs, and the top two layers can be replaced when each layer is used, making it easy to get the eggs, and put them away.

Our refrigerator egg organizers are made of durable, sturdy materials that are odor-free. Individual egg trays allow just the right amount of space to keep each egg fresher for longer. There is a date scale on the egg storage box to help you record the date.

Large Capacity
Refrigerator egg holder, 30 grids large capacity, 3-layer single storage, egg holder countertop prevents eggs from bumping and breaking, free storage, more space-saving, meet your daily needs, not only to keep eggs fresh is good for, but it can also Also be an Easter egg holder. Round perfume is also good for round fruits like kiwi.

Save The Place
The egg storage container measures 10.2 L x 3.9 W x 8 H and holds 30 eggs. The sleek, compact design easily fits into any refrigerator, shelves, or countertop. Help you save more space.

Easy To Clean
Our egg cartons are easier to clean than wooden ones, just wash them by hand with clean water. But please do not put it in the dishwasher

Product Features

Durable Material
Kitchen Organization Containers Egg Tray Made of PET+PP Material, Durable, No Peculiar Smell, Tapered Groove, Fits Egg Shape to Prevent Rolling, Increased Spacing, Stores Eggs and Duck Eggs can be done

Three Layer Egg Holder
Egg holder for refrigerator, 3-layer design, 10 compartments per layer, can store 30 eggs to meet storage needs. Transparent egg fresh storage box, a box, an egg design, can prevent collision or breakage.

Flip Design
The lid egg tray has a right-angled 90° flip design, which can be flipped smoothly after using each layer, without jamming, you can easily take the eggs, which is convenient. and practical.

Refrigerator Egg Storage Box
  • Material - PET+PP
  • Color - Green
  • Capacity - 30 grids
  • Package includes - 1x refrigerator egg storage box

Hollow Handle
The large egg container has hollow handles on both sides, which can be easily held and moved. Egg storage container, transparent design, you can see the number of remaining eggs, which is convenient to fill in time.

Chronograph Function
Egg container for refrigerator with a time scale to record storage time, suitable for most households, to keep eggs fresh, avoid expiration. Clean the egg tray, easy to clean, can be directly washed with water and then dried.

Save Space
Large capacity egg holder size 9.84x3.94x7.87 inches, small and light, make full use of space, easy to store. If it is placed on the side door of the refrigerator, please measure the size of the side door.

Widely Used
Multi-layer chicken egg storage container, compact and beautiful, saves space, keeps the refrigerator tidy, convenient and durable, suitable for refrigerators, kitchens, cabinets, dining tables, etc.
Flip Fridge Door Egg Storage Rack
Flip Fridge Door Egg Storage Rack

Flip Fridge Door Egg Storage Rack

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