Wall Mount Knife Towel And Cutlery Holder

Wall Mount Knife Towel And Cutlery Holder

Wall Mount Knife Holder,Towel Hanger, Cutlery Holder Storage Rack High Grade Metal Multi-Purpose

wall mount knife holder

Product Details

Give your kitchen a modern touch with the Tony Stark cutlery holder. This hanging cutlery kitchen rack with hooks is designed to be compact and helps you keep your home and kitchen organized. A knife stand is perfect for saving space and keeping your kitchen clutter-free

These multipurpose hangers for the kitchen are made using high-quality and durable stainless steel, coated to provide resistance against rust and corrosion. Our knife holder for the kitchen does not bend or break and offers a sturdy and stable cutlery rack for the kitchen.

The pan hanging holder for the kitchen offers two mounting options - self-adhesive and screw drilling. This kitchen shelf knife rack with towel hanger is easy to mount on the wall on any smooth and clean surface: self-adhesive wall sticker hook, no drill or screw and hook

These hangers for the kitchen provide ample storage space for keeping chopsticks, forks, spoons, towels, napkins, kitchen knives, etc. You can use the hooks on our kitchen hanger to hang pots, pans and other utensils. It also has a towel bar and scissors and 2 slots to keep everything in one place

The knife display stand includes: 1 pc kitchen shelf knife rack (40 x 5.5 x 7.4 cm), 1 towel hanger, 1 spoon holder, 8 hooks, 2 self-adhesive hooks, and screws. You can use adhesive stickers on smooth surfaces like tiles, glass, metal and marble. Use screw installation for wall or wood

Product Features

Durable Stainless Steel
Tony Stark wall mount for cutlery is made using industrial-grade stainless steel that does not break or bend. The coating of our knife bar is corrosion, heat, and fire resistant.

Stable Load Bearing
The kitchen shelf sturdily sticks to the wall ensuring a stable storage space for your utensils. This wall-mounted storage rack remains sturdy when loaded with kitchen utensils.

Organize it All
Our wall-mounted knife storage rack features 8 metal hooks for pans and pots, a towel hangar, 2 chopsticks holders, and multiple slots for hanging scissors, spatula, knives, etc.

Ventilation Holes for Drying
This kitchen shelf with hooks features a ventilated design to prevent water accumulation. You can easily hang washed utensils in the storage rack for drying them quickly.

Comfortable Visual Experience
The matte black finish of our kitchen hanging rack adds a functional and decorative storage solution that compliments your kitchen decor while keeping it clutter-free.

Easy to Clean and Maintain
The knife holder forged from stainless steel is corrosion and oxidation-resistant. It can be easily wiped with a damp cloth and washed to create neat storage space.

Two Different Installation Methods

The kitchen shelf knife rack with towel hanger is easy to wall mount on any smooth and clean surface using:

Self Adhesive Stickers
The wall mount knife holder comes with adhesive stickers that can be used on smooth surfaces like tiles, glass, metal & marble.

Screw Drilling
This attractive kitchen wall shelf also comes with screws that can be used to install on coarse surfaces like brick walls and wood.

wall mount knife holder
wall mount knife holder
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