Perfect Toilet Posture Plastic Potty Step Stool

Perfect Toilet Posture Plastic Potty Step Stool

Perfect Toilet Posture Plastic Potty Step Stool for Western Toilet Bathroom Scientific Angle, Anti-Slip

Toilet Stool

Product Details

  • Made in India Product 
  • Use Is To Toilet While Using Your Toilet And Correct Your Toilet Posture For Complete Relief. The Toilet Stool May Feel Different At First, But The Body Quickly Adjusts And The New Healthy Way Of Eliminating Quickly Becomes Second Nature.
  • The Toilet Stool Helps You To Eliminate Faster And More Complete By Putting Your Body Into A Natural Toilet Position Over Your Own Toilet.
  • Doctor Recommended, Endorsed, Strong and Durable, Family-Friendly, Ergonomic, Patented Design
  • Our Western Toilet Stool Squat Stool is of the prefect height that works perfectly with most standard toilet Sizes.

Product Features

Incredibly Durable Plastic
A neat toilet stool with a foot grip is designed to sit on when you poop. It is not to be used as a step. The idea is to reduce tension and keep your body in a natural squat position to open up your colon. This toilet stool is ready to withstand daily use. Are you ready to shorten bathroom visits with squats?

Tuck Under Your Toilet
Practical curves allow our streamlined toilet stool to fit around the base of the toilet. It folds down and is ready to help you when you're on the go. Compared to our 9" size, our Squatty Potty Original stool in 7" height is ideal for standard toilets and all squatters, designed for comfortable height toilets and limber squatters.

Studying The Squat
Designed with a gently sloping surface (to keep your heels higher than your toes), this toilet stool provides extra lift to reposition your body and make it easier to poop.

No Assembly Required
Just go? We feel you. This 7” toilet stool is ready to support your feet and legs while you poop. This repositions your body to make pooping easier. There are no nuts, bolts or difficult instructions included as it is one piece. Just slide it under the toilet bowl, take a seat, position your feet, then go!

Doctor Recommended
Squatting is the way our bodies were supposed to end up. Squatty potty stools change the negative effects of western toilets into a better way to poop. It's time to open up your colon so you can relax and empty that puborectalis muscle quickly and completely with your own toilet stool.

Anti Slip Surface
The upper features an anti-slip surface to help your feet feel comfortable and stable. The feet are designed to keep it from sliding around.
Toilet Stool
Toilet Stool
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