Wall Paint Repair Tube Roller Brush

Wall Paint Tube Roller Brush Set Tool, Suitable for Repairing the Wall Paint

Wall Paint Repair Tube Roller Brush

Product Details

  • A new generation of roller brush, carefully developed, roller brush and paint two-in-one, easily meets the various needs of beautification in life. Ready-to-use, for small area stains, no need for complicated mixing procedures, avoid splashes. It is recommended to buy ivory white)
  • It adopts water-based environmental protection material, no peculiar smell, no harmful substances, and will not harm our body. Kids can use it to doodle and play without any problem. Quick drying within 10 minutes. It can be easily washed off with water even if accidentally applied to hands.
  • It fully complies with the international hidden wall standard, and can easily remove all kinds of stains, dirty shoe prints and children's naughty colored pen graffiti on the wall. Take out and roll to cover. Keep your walls clean. Women and seniors can use it very easily without any skill.
  • Thoughtful two-in-one design, compared to traditional brushes, it is small in size and light in weight, and can even be kept in trouser pockets without spending too much and wasting precious time. You can even use it for wall DIY designs, a variety of colors to unleash your creativity.
  • How to use - First use a paper towel or towel to remove dust, oil stains and loose material on the wall, then open the bottle cap, squeeze the latex paint, and roll it on the wall. After use, if the coverage is not perfect, you can wait for 5 minutes and cover it several times to achieve the perfect effect. (Brush head can be removed for cleaning after use for next use)
Wall Paint Repair Tube Roller Brush
Wall Paint Repair Tube Roller Brush
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