Wave Shape Kitchen Knife

Wave Shape Kitchen Knife

Stainless Steel Wave Shape Kitchen Knife for Cheese Potato Chips Vegetable Salad Chopping Knife Crinkle Cutter

Wave Shape Kitchen Knife

Product Details

Our crinkle cutter is made of 420 stainless steel which can improve hardness and wear resistance by heat treatment, while 304 stainless steel is mild and cannot be heat treated. This is why 304 stainless steel is generally used to make tableware and not knives.

The oversized 2.9" x 11.8" French fry cutter is an essential kitchen knife, made of a stainless steel blade and anti-slip plastic handle. The sharp steel blade is strong and durable for effortless cutting and the plastic handle is comfortable to hold.

A garnishing knife is sharp enough to cut potatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables or fruits that have a certain hardness (such as apples) with little effort. No batteries or electricity required, saving time during food preparation, compact size perfect for storage, easy to use and clean.

The crinkle cutter is a wavy slicer for cutting vegetables like potatoes and carrots, cutting fruits, which can make great food with great decoration, attract your kids' attention and whet their appetite.

You can enjoy chopping together with your boys or girls to create more fun, healthy food in wavy shapes with love. It can also be a perfect gift for others.
Wave Shape Kitchen Knife
Wave Shape Kitchen Knife
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