Flexible Hand Shape Mobile Holder

Flexible Hand Shape Mobile Holder

Thumbs up Cell Phone Holder, Adjustable Silicone Tablet Stand

Flexible Hand Shape Mobile Holder

Product Details

Adopt a unique hand design with a perfect grip, beautiful appearance and support the phone more firmly.

The phone stand with free adjustment can give you any angle you want, easy and convenient to move position.

Fashionable hand shape phone holder design, which means you can do whatever you want to put your phone on any flat surface, and your phone won't be damaged even when you drop it. Yes, there is also traceless on the phone.

This model of perfect grip phone holder of your choice is the best choice for home and desktop design home and office.

The reasonably sized metal phone stand holder is perfect for all types of devices, such as iPhone, Samsung, Android, iPad or other flat objects that need support.
Flexible Hand Shape Mobile Holder
Flexible Hand Shape Mobile Holder

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