Window Track Cleaning Brush

Window Track Cleaning Brush

Dust Cleaning Brush for Window Slot, Keyboard with Mini Dustpan Door Track Cleaning Brush Dust Cleaner Tool

Window Groove Frame Cleaning Brush

Product Details

5 Pack Bastiles Cleaning Brush Set
3 PCS Random Color Magic Window Groove Cleaning Brush, 4 PCS Replaceable Sponge, 2 PCS 2-in-1 Multipurpose Detachable Dustpan Cleaning Brush.

Innovative Design
The Magic Window Groove Cleaning Brush is made of a premium ABS anti-slip handle and a scouring sponge, which is removable and washable, will not dirty your hands, allowing you to clean easily. In addition, the scoring pad is easy to foam and has strong resistance.

2-in-1 Dustpan Brush
2-in-1 multipurpose detachable dustpan brush clamped together for compact storage and use. One end cleaning brush to remove loose dirt, other end scraper to remove stubborn dirt. Easy to clean in hard-to-reach areas and small gaps/vents. Ideal for penetrating window seals and glass door tracks. The brush can be hung and stored, making cleaning more convenient.

Replaceable Scouring Sponge
The Magic Window Cleaning Brush scouring sponge is easy to replace, making the brush even cleaner.

Widely Used
Use these cleaning set tools to clean window sills, window blinds, window glass, car vents, sliding doors, shower door tracks, sinks, faucets, toilet switches, bathtubs, etc. A professional.
Window Groove Frame Cleaning Brush
Window Groove Frame Cleaning Brush
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