Thickening Hanging Faucet Drain Rack

Thickening Hanging Faucet Drain Rack

Kitchen Sink Caddy Organizer Over Faucet Sponge Holder, Plastic Heavy Duty Thickening Hanging Faucet Drain Rack

Over Faucet Sponge Holder

Product Details

Sink Wash Basin Organizer Rack No more unorganized kitchen sinks! The shop brings you this multipurpose kitchen rack that you can use as part of your kitchen to make your kitchen work easier. This rack is made from plastic and is available in multicolor. The rack can be used to store dishwashing sponges, liquid soap and bars. It can also be used to store various items in your bathroom or living space. Compact The organizer rack packs a punch when it comes to size and compactness. It can be easily placed in the corner of your sink so that it is within your reach while you are doing your kitchen chores. A multipurpose rack can be used as an accessory for your kitchen sink. It can also be used as a part of your bathroom or as another multipurpose storage rack. Easy to wash The rack is made from plastic and is easy to wash and clean. You can use any liquid soap or detergent to wash the rack if needed.

Plastic Material
Simply clip on the tap. It prevents any damage to your permanent structure, rust free and durable, scratch proof and not easy to deform.

Easy Installation
Knob fixation design, no drill, nail, suction, screw or glue required, allow easy disassembly without leaving marks. It can be cleaned easily. Saving space for the bathroom and kitchen.

Strong Bearing Capacity
Our sink faucet sponge holder provides more confidence to hold articles, the bathroom can also be placed in different application modes.

Top Hook Design
Our sink caddy organizer dishwasher hanging rope peeler, classic shape, stylish and multi-purpose, can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and other scenes, and can be recycled.

Open Bottom Design
The open and shallow bottom design allows water to drain quickly, and will keep your dishes away from the dirty pool water. It can hold sponges, scrubbers, scouring pads and more.
Over Faucet Sponge Holder
Over Faucet Sponge Holder
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