Over Kitchen Cabinet Door Hook Hanger

Over Kitchen Cabinet Door Hook Hanger

Over The Kitchen Cabinet Door Space Saving Storage Hook Hanger

over cabinet door hooks

Product Details

  • This over the door storage solution which works great in small spaces like the bathrooms, kitchens, closets, small bedrooms or any other room where you need handy storage.
  • No screw, Nail, Drill, Hole, nut, bolt needed to fix, install Fits for the door with less than 2.3 cm/0.9 inches thickness.
  • It allows tasks to get done more smoothly, cleaning completed more quickly and projects processed more enjoyably.
  • The position and quantity of the hook make it more convenient to use.
  • In the Box - 1 Piece Steel Door Hook Hanger.
over cabinet door hooks
over cabinet door hooks
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Overall Customers Ratings

3.5 ★

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