Heavy Duty Neodymium Magnetic Hooks

Heavy Duty Neodymium Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic Hooks for Multi-Purpose Hanging, Cruise, Grill, Towel, Keys, Masks, Indoor Hanging, Home, Kitchen, Workplace, Office, School and Garage

Magnetic Hooks

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Super strong, sturdy, and heavy-duty metal magnetic hook with CNC machined steel base, embedded with the latest generation of high-grade 'Magnetic King' i.e. Super Nd-Fe-B, this magnetic hook from 25 lbs. offers more. Drawing force under steel. The magnetic hook is perfect for hanging things on the fridge in the kitchen.

We offer 3 layers of coating on the magnet hook metal base, metal hook and magnet. This gives this magnetic hanger a shiny, rust-free, and mirror-like finish. The coated magnetic hook especially exhibits excellent anti-corrosive properties and scratch resistance. Maintenance-free, no rust!

After careful inspection of the magnetic hook machining flow line, the defective pieces are checked and removed first. You can take these awesome magnetic hooks 25lb+ on cruises to hang and decorate on a metal wall or metal door in your Carnival cruise ship cruise cabins. This strong magnetic hook is a cruise necessity and one of the must-have cruise accessories.

Neosmuk's strong neodymium magnetic hooks were endowed with a strong ability to hold various objects wherever there is iron or steel. This magnet hook is a perfect magnetic key holder. You can also hang your tools next to the toolbox with this magnetic hook. Our magnetic hooks are great for grills, pots, cups, dishes and ovens.

Measured on automatic tension machines permanent magnetic hook, strong magnetism lasts forever.
Magnetic Hooks
Magnetic Hooks
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