Foldable Car Backseat Food Tray

Foldable Car Backseat Food Tray

Portable Car Vehicle Back Seat Tray Table for Food, Meal, Snack and Laptop

Car Backseat Food Tray

Product Details

Put all the ingredients you need within your reach with the This Travel Food and Drink Tray! Just sit back and access your content at any convenient moment while you're traveling. It mainly serves as a food tray and drink holder, but you can also arrange your mobile phone, wallet and any preferred items on the tray for your convenience. Make every trip worthwhile and make your car the most convenient place you'll ever be.

This Travel Food and Drink Tray is multi-functional. Designed with 2 cup holders, a closed pocket, a mini flat surface and a multipurpose large flat surface, the Moxley Food and Drink Car Tray makes artistic use of minimal space. The small semi-enclosed pocket is ideal for a cell phone, ID, passport or anything else you want to keep.

This tray can easily hang on the back of the font seats even when you are not using it because it is foldable! Open the tray when you want to use it and store when you're done. The color of the tray is neutral so it won't be an eyesore in your interior; It will enhance the beauty instead.

This Travel Food and Drink Tray takes just a minute to mount. Simply fasten the strap around the headrest frame and adjust for a snug fit. The size of the tray is very compact so you can store it in the back seat pocket when not in use. The bottom of the tray has hooks so you can hang your groceries and items
Car Backseat Food Tray
Car Backseat Food Tray
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