Finger Rehabilitation Glove for Paralyzed Patient

Finger Rehabilitation Glove for Paralyzed Patient

Smart Rechargeable Strengthen Rehabilitation Gloves Stroke Hemiplegia Hand Splint Finger Orthosis, for Hand Function Recovery

Hand Glove for Paralyzed Patient

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Rehabilitation robot gloves are powered by air, and the manipulator is used for stroke patients to automatically perform passive hemiplegia rehabilitation training such as flexion, extension and grasping of the patient's fingers. Finger trainer can effectively improve hand function and cranial nerve recovery process. Restoring hand mobility.

Robotic gloves for hand training and rehabilitation are very simple to operate. After wearing the manipulative for the stroke patient, select one of the modes. The finger glove can be regularly opened and tightened, and the hand will follow the manipulation to perform flexion and extension exercises to complete finger rehabilitation training. Seniors can also complete training at home without going to a rehabilitation center

Flexion and extension of the healthy fingers drives individual control awareness through the brain, and the healthy hand drives the affected hand, and the hand and brain move in sync. Broadly stimulate the motor cortex, stimulate bilateral motor pathways, and combine multiple stimuli, instead of passively receiving repetitive training, the training process is more humane.

The finger splint holder has an LCD control screen and clear adjustment buttons. Very user-friendly interactive design, patients can take care of themselves at home, save Kangxi hospital costs and company costs, and independently complete the daily recurring training plan.
Hand Glove for Paralyzed Patient
Hand Glove for Paralyzed Patient
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