Baby Safety Electric Socket Plug Cover Guards

Baby Safety Electric Socket Plug Cover Guards

Child Safety Socket Covers Electrical Outlet Protectors Kid Proof Outlet Cap

Electric Socket Plug Cover Guards

Product Details

Upgraded Hidden Ring-Pull Handle
The hidden ring-pull handle design allows adults to easily pull out the outlet cover with the handle but makes it difficult for children to open.

High Quality ABS Material
Crafted with premium ABS eco-friendly insulation resin material, this sturdy material is wear-resistant, durable, reusable and not easily broken. Keep your children and pets away from electrical hazards.

Widely Used
Perfect for all types of standard 3-prong outlets and power strips. The white outlet cover blends perfectly with your outlets, which is not easy to attract children's attention.

Easy to Install and Remove
No tools are required to install the outlet plug covers. 1. Press the outlet cover into the outlet. 2. Pull the handle in the direction shown. 3. Grasp the ring-pull handle. 4. Pull out the outlet cover.

5 Keep Your Children Away from Power Hazards
45 in a pack. It is compact and portable, ensuring the safety of your children at home, office, garage, restaurant or vacation home at all times.
Electric Socket Plug Cover Guards
Electric Socket Plug Cover Guards

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