Adjustable Height Furniture Lifter Tool

Adjustable Height Furniture Lifter Tool

Heavy Duty Furniture Lifter Tool, Appliance Roller Sliders with 660 lbs Load Capacity with Wheels and Adjustable Height Lifting Tool

Furniture Lifter Tool

Product Details

High Quality Materials
We need the best lightweight yet heavy duty resistant materials. That's why we've built the movers from a special type of strong material that will support 600lbs of weight each risk-free.

No More Backaches, No More Headaches
You can move furniture yourself using our furniture lifter and roller set. You no longer need to be mega strong to move heavy furniture or appliances.

The Perfect Furniture Slider Kit
Forget about asking friends or neighbors for help whenever you clean, redecorate or rearrange your furniture. Our Heavy Furniture Moving Slider Set is the best friend in these situations

Moving Heavy Furniture Has Never Been So Easy
All you have to do now is lift the furniture legs high enough for the furniture roller carriages to slide down and then gently glide it to your desired position.

4 Heavy Duty Moving Rollers
Each dolly has 12 heavy duty wheels and will support up to 600 lbs. This allows them to go over all surfaces and successfully replace both furniture sliders for hardwood floors and carpets at the same time.

You Can Move 360°
Carts move in 2 directions but have felt pads on top that can rotate 360°, allowing you to move them in any direction and move the furniture in any direction. Very easy to move in direction.
Furniture Lifter Tool
Furniture Lifter Tool
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