2-Tier Lazy Susan Turntable Kitchen Storage Organizer

2-Tier Lazy Susan Turntable Kitchen Storage Organizer

360° Rotating 2-Tier Lazy Susan Turntable Kitchen Storage Organizer for Cabinets, Pantry, Bathroom and Refrigerator

360° Rotating Spice Organizer

Product Details

Organizing your stuff in the pantry has never been easier! This lazy susan turntable ensures that you are able to store all your spices and other pantry staples easily and efficiently. You can use it in your kitchen, pantry, refrigerator, or even bathroom cabinets.

This large lazy susan turntable is a revolving device which means you can rotate it to get to what you need. This makes it easy to use in all areas of your home but especially in the fridge with its minimal space.

This lazy susan turntable organizer comes with two tiers to help you maximize your limited space. This way you can save your space and store more in the same small area. You can store spices, salt, spices in the lower compartments and big bottles of chutney, condiments in the upper layer.

This turntable comes with a 2 inch edge to ensure that your items don't fall off the turntable. This lazy susan kitchen accessory ensures that your items stay secure on the turntable while you are turning the turntable.

4 large containers in the bottom shelf, each measuring 9 cm x 15 cm x 8 cm. A large top shelf with a diameter of 2 cm for storage of large bottles. product height; 15 cm

The two-tier lazy susan turntable has a non-skid surface to ensure your items don't fall or slip. This non-skid surface is molded to the platform for durability and is very easy to clean and maintain.

1 large turnable, 4 boxes, 4 spice spoons
360° Rotating Spice Organizer
360° Rotating Spice Organizer
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